Do you know the Guidelines for Cosmetic Kit Design?

Dec. 21, 2020

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Today, when people buy goods, the personalized color embodied in the packaging itself affects the psychological needs of people at different levels of consumption. It can be said that packaging design has so far gone through the protection, storage, transportation, promotion, and personalization. At this stage, appropriate and targeted packaging design has become an important criterion for measuring the quality of a packaging. With the vigorous development of the domestic market economy, the design of cosmetic boxes has also been raised to a whole new level.

Custom Paper Jewelry Necklace Gift Box

Custom Paper Jewelry Necklace Gift Box

1. Packaging design is first of all the crystallization of teamwork

Today's packaging design pays more attention to market strategies. In itself, this is a highly intelligent comprehensive service work. It is not a single job, but the result of the participation and integration of more other departments. The merchant is more like a partner. A packaging design project needs to be completed by multiple people. It needs to communicate and communicate with the merchant, and it needs to be in charge of production and The sales people cooperate closely and cooperate with each other. For major projects, the involvement of market researchers, consultants and other professionals should also be included. In short, a good design is the best embodiment of group collaboration. The closer the cooperation, the greater the certainty that products will occupy the market and achieve good sales performance.

2. Packaging design is the art of door positioning

For packaging design, finding the right design direction is more important than anything else. Customers make a design, often for various reasons. Sometimes it is to launch a brand new product, sometimes it is to improve the product for the replacement of the original product. Regardless of the motivation of the design, it is essential to fully understand the needs of consumers, which requires the design of this project The team has a certain understanding of the market. For example, if a customer launches a brand-new product, it must conduct research, where is its target market, and how to formulate a corresponding design plan for the target consumer group; if it is a new product upgrade, then Which advantages of the original brand packaging need to be inherited; if the product is redesigned, is it to develop a new market or to reverse the declining sales situation, how similar products are sold, and what are the advantages and disadvantages of the existing design What are the strengths and weaknesses to learn from. In short, the more fully understood the customer's situation and the more accurate the practical positioning, the better the final design effect.

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